creative storyteller of words and visuals.

director. writer. art director. actor. creative producer.

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Adelaide must learn the ever-changing implicit rules of the board game club they have failed to assimilate into after the group threatens to ban them for their blind nonconformity.

"Chameleon" dives into dives into the unspoken societal expectations and how being "yourself" is not always enough to fulfill them.

Think American Psycho meets But I'm a Cheerleader but without murder. It is the act of conversion on the "abnormal" self to fit into a larger, more palatable group.

My Services

I offer script coverage, writing, and art direction for short films, features, and teleplays as well as providing creative guidance to make sure your storytelling is the best it can be. I am exceptionally passionate about weaving small details that elevate the plot both in sets and on the page.

If you'd like to make something beautiful both cinematically and thematically, consider me a part of your team!